ROCHESTER, WA. (August 4) - For the third consecutive weekend Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd. will be waving the Canadian flag in Washington State.  Darrell Midgley and the Team NPP #81 Super Late Model are competing at South Sound Speedway.  On Saturday night, the Rochester, Washington facility south of Seattle, is hosting the 22nd annual Miller 200. "It's been a while since I've been behind the wheel of a race car," admits the Sidney, British Columbia driver,  "we haven't raced since Wenatchee (April 29th) but when you've been racing for as long as I have its just second nature now."  Three practice sessions are scheduled for Saturday afternoon at South Sound Speedway before qualifying however record setting temperatures are currently baking the Seattle, Washington region.  "It's been so hot here there might not be any point running any practice laps during the day.  We were actually on the track for about ten laps last night (Thursday).  The car felt really good so we put it away." 


Midgley and team will probably bring the car out to run some additional laps on Friday night.  "We just want to make sure we are running the right gearing.  We'll probably run another ten or twenty laps."  This will be Midgley's third time running this event.  "We could have won here last year."  After qualifying 5th at the 2016 Miller 200 event, Midgley quickly found himself in the race lead.  Just past the halfway point, while running second, Midgley suffered a flat tire and was forced to pit.  Midgley finished the race in 17th.  "We'll see what happens this weekend.  Organizers are expecting close to thirty Super Late Models."  Several other Canadian race teams are joining Midgley in the pits for this years Miller 200 including Brandon Carlson.  The Victoria, British Columbia driver, sporting a Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd. decal on the rear fender of his #14 Chevrolet, finished 3rd at South Sound Speedway back on June 3rd.  Defending event champion Wade Bland from Sannich, British Columbia has returned to Rochester, Washington hoping to repeat.

22nd annual MILLER 200
SOUTH SOUND SPEEDWAY - Rochester, Washington
> SATURDAY, August 5

Featuring: Super Late Models, Legends, Baby Grands
Gates Open @ 4:30pm
Qualifying @ 5:30pm
Racing @ 6:30pm
$22.00 General
$20.00 Youth and Senior
$10.00 Children (age 6 - 12)
Free     Children (under 5)


UPDATE: Darrell Midgley qualified 9th (13.864 / -0.156 seconds) out of 22 Super Late Models for the Saturday night Miller 200 at South Sound Speedway. Defending event champion Wade Bland (Saanich, British Columbia) qualified #1 with a 13.708. Brandon Carlson qualified #5 (13.824 / -0.116).

UPDATE: Sidney, British Columbia's Darrell Midgley finished 6th in Saturday nights Miller 200 race at South Sound Speedway. Victoria, BC's Brandon Carlson had a flat tire and finished 15th. Two other Canadians in the field had a fantastic night at the Rochester, Washington track. Canadian Wade Bland (Saanich, BC) drove to his second consecutive Miller 200 victory. Dave Hemrich of Delta, BC was second.


EDMONTON, AB. (August 9) - Some impressive results by Team NPP drivers the past three weekends in Washington State.  At South Sound Speedway on Saturday night (August 5th), Darrell Midgley drove the Northern Provincial Pipelines/Alien Race Cars #81 Dodge to a sixth place finish at the annual Miller 200 Super Late Model event.  "It was a wild race," exclaims the Sidney, British Columbia driver, "we missed a lot of carnage [on the track].  It was a solid effort overall."  Midgley adds tire issues prevented a better finish.  "I think we had a good crack at finishing on the podium but the right front tire was going soft late in the race." Midgley ran as high as fourth and was never out of the top ten in the 200 lap race.


The last two weekends of July saw Lane Zerbin competing at Grays Harbor Raceway in the Northern Provincial Pipelines/Alien Race Cars #81 Modified.  In just his fifth start of 2017, Lane Zerbin drove to his first Feature win of the year back on July 22nd.  One weekend later, Zerbin scored a 5th place finish at the 18th annual Shipwreck Beads Modified Nationals.  "I wasn't taking too many chances," admits the Victoria, British Columbia driver, "I would only make a pass if they would present themselves." Zerbin has seven starts in 2017.


Both Zerbin and Midgley are looking ahead to their next race events in the USA.  "We will be racing in Elma later this month," says Zerbin, "and for sure will go to Skagit Speedway on the September long weekend."  Midgley meanwhile is looking forward to debuting a brand new Super Late Model in Las Vegas in October.  "Ted (at Alien Race Cars) is building a new car as we speak.  The car will be on a Hamke chassis."  Hamke Race Cars is based in Moorseville, North Carolina and is one of the most successful racing businesses in North America.  "Can't wait to turn some laps in the new car."

TEAM NPP #81 MODIFIED - Lane Zerbin
August 26th - Grays Harbor Raceway - Elma, Washington
September 1st - Skagit Speedway - Alger, Washington
September 2nd - Skagit Speedway - Alger, Washington

TEAM NPP #81 DODGE - Darrell Midgley
October 20th - Las Vegas Motor Speedway (The Bullring) - Las Vegas, Nevada
October 21st - Las Vegas Motor Speedway (The Bullring) - Las Vegas, Nevada
October 28th - Tucson Speedway - Tucson, Arizona


ELMA, WA. (August 13) - Canada's Lane Zerbin finished a strong second at Grays Harbor Raceway in the Team NPP #81 Modified.  The weekend trip for the Victoria, British Columbia driver almost didn't happen.  "The weather forecast really wasn't looking good at all," admits Zerbin, "we took a gamble when we left home early Saturday morning."  It takes just over four hours, including time on the ferry, to haul to Elma, Washington.  "We got rained out here earlier this year.  So my dad (Ted) and I really took a chance at coming this time.  Sure glad we did."  There were 25 Modifieds in the pits at Grays Harbor Raceway for the Saturday night race.  "We were fourth fastest out of all the cars in hot laps.  Finished second in the heat race."  Low lying coastal clouds had all race teams and fans looking to the sky expecting a sudden downpour.  "The car was handling awesome. We're here to race. We didn't need it to start raining."  Zerbin started the 25 lap Feature in the #5 position.  At the drop of the green flag, the only Canadian in the field, gained a position by the end of Lap 1.  By Lap 4 Zerbin had moved the Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd./Alien Race Cars #81 Modified up to third.


.................................................................................................. (Image: AR RACING)

Just past the halfway point Zerbin found himself in second place and was closing in on the race leader.  For 4 laps Zerbin put tremendous pressure on Matthew Draeger.  The Albany, Oregon driver then began pulling away and built up a two-second cushion.   "We made a run at the leader a few times but came up short," says Zerbin, "he ran a great race."  With just two laps to go Zerbin found himself in the defensive position and had to hold off a hard charging  Doug Davenport from Veronia, Oregon.  "It was tough but I held him off."  Only 3 caution flags waved the entire Feature.  Zerbin was just happy to see his favorite flag at the end.  "As we took the checkered flag the rain began to fall.  We'll take that second."  Zerbins second place finish was his second consecutive top 5 finish at Grays Harbor Raceway.  The 22 year old finished fifth back on July 29th.  Zerbin won the Modified Feature at GHR on July 22nd.  "The season is starting to wind down for us," admits Zerbin,  "we are back here on the 26th.  Then it's a two-day show at Skagit in September and that is probably it for the year."

Elma, Washington
Saturday, August 12th, 2017
1. #21 Matthew Draeger - Albany, Oregon
2. #81 Lane Zerbin - Victoria, British Columbia
3. # 8 Doug Davenport - Veronia, Oregon
4. #26 Scott Miller - Shelton, Washington
5. #12 Zack Simpson - Aberdeen, Washington
6.#11 Tom Sweatman - Cosmopolis, Washington
7. #97 Tyson Blood - Olympia, Washington
8. #14 Kyler Moore - Seabeck, Washington
9. #40 Mike Knox - Tacoma, Washington
10. #43 Shane Kerrigan - Aberdeen, Washington
11. # 6 Alan Muenchow - Shelton, Washington
12.#34 Gene Miller - Olympia, Washington
13. #47 Steve Signal - Olympia, Washington
14. #8 Steve Bullpit - Port Orchard, Washington
15. #17 Brian Izzy - Washington
16. #41 Tim Phillips - Washington
17. #28 Brian Harding - Oakville, Washington
18. #87 Tyler Walker - Issaquah, Washington
19. #714 Zachary Fuller - Tacoma, Washington


EDSON, AB (August 17) - For the first time in almost a decade a brand new Super Late Model is being built for Team NPP.  The racing arm of Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd., based in Edson, Alberta, has tapped Alien Race Cars in Victoria, British Columbia to hand build the 125mph machine.  The exterior will have the familiar red and white paint scheme but that's where the similarities with the old car end.  "It will have state of the art parts," says Alien Race Cars president Ted Zerbin, "the car will be more current than what's being run now."  The new Team NPP #81 Super Late Model will also be run on a Hamke Race Cars chassis.  Hamke, based in Moorseville, North Carolina, is one of the most successful racing businesses in North America.  "When the competition has better and current equipment, it's hard to be competitive some times."


Darrell Midgley is keeping a close eye on the build.  "The car is coming along nicely. It's going to be as good as anyone has got on the track today.  Everything is brand new from the ground up thanks to Dwight (from Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd.)."  The Sidney, British Columbia driver has two top-ten finishes this season in the decade-old Team NPP #81 Dodge.  "The car we ran earlier this year was brand new back in 2008.  We're pretty lucky to have that kind of shelf life with a race car.  It's a good testament to Ted (at Alien Race Cars) as well as the quality of the build."  Midgley, the president of Victoria, British Columbia's Western Speedway, plans on shaking down his brand new Super Late Model next month.  "I hope by the end of September we'll be able to put some laps on it here (in Victoria)."


Midgley begins his fall and winter race schedule south of the border in October with back to back race weekends.  October 20th and 21st is The Senators Cup SLM event on the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This race is followed by a one-night Super Late Model race at Tucson Speedway in Arizona on October 28th.  "I'm hoping the car will roll off the trailer (in Las Vegas) and be pretty close to where we need it to be."  An on-track practice session for competitors takes place in Las Vegas on October 19th.


ELMA, WA (August 27) -  Another impressive performance on the weekend from Lane Zerbin in the Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd./Alien Race Cars #81 Modified.   The 22 year old from Victoria, British Columbia finished 4th in the Saturday night Feature at Grays Harbor Raceway.  "Lots of cautions in this race," exclaims the Victoria, British Columbia driver, "it was hard to really get going in this race."  The Feature saw a total of 7 caution flags.  Two of those caution flags flew before two laps were even completed.  Once the drivers settled down, Zerbin was up to second (started fourth) by Lap 2. 

....................................................................................... (Image: AR RACING)

A tremendous battle developed for position between Zerbin and Shelton, Washington's  Scott Miller.  "It was a hard battle between me and Scott."  Miller snuck by Zerbin on Lap 4 to take over second.  Zerbin then grabbed back second from Miller on Lap 7 but had to give back the position as another caution flag was flying for a single car spin.  "Because of all the cautions they (track officials) informed us the race would be cut short."  What was originally scheduled as a 25 lap Feature was now reduced to 20.  Back to green and Zerbin took back second from Miller on Lap 9.  On Lap 11 Miller passed Zerbin down the back straight to regain second once again.  It was during this pass that Zerbin clipped the outside berm on the track with his right rear tire.  The car was going sideways heading into the corner. 

........................................................................... (Image: AR RACING)

"Just about spun out," admits Zerbin, "I lost several spots but managed to keep the car going."  No yellow flag would fly. Zerbin was running sixth with eight laps to go.   Zerbin moved up to fifth with five laps left in the race.  On the white flag lap Zerbin moved past Aberdeen, Washington's Zack Simpson to gain another spot.  "I was able to get back to fourth when the checkered flag fell." Tom Sweatman of Cosmopolis, Washington was the Feature winner. Zerbin's fourth place finish Saturday night was his third consecutive top 5 finish at Grays Harbor Raceway.   Zerbin finished second back on August 12th and fifth on July 27th.  He scored his first Feature win of the season in Elma, Washington on July 21st.  "I really like running here."  Zerbin and his dad (Ted) look to wrap up their limited but successful 2017 race season on the September long weekend.   "We have a two-day show at Skagit Speedway and that will probably be it for us this season."  The Modifieds are the support class for the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series on Friday and Saturday September 1st and 2nd.**

Elma, Washington
Saturday, August 26th, 2017
1.#11 Tom Sweatman - Cosmopolis, Washington
2. #26 Scott Miller - Shelton, Washington
3. #14 Kyler Moore - Seabeck, Washington
4. #81 Lane Zerbin - Victoria, British Columbia
5. #12 Zack Simpson - Aberdeen, Washington
6. #97 Tyson Blood - Olympia, Washington
7. #17 Cody Erskine - Washington
8. #87 Tyler Walker - Issaquah, Washington
9. #28 Brian Harding - Oakville, Washington
10. #40 Mike Knox - Tacoma, Washington
11. #43 Shane Kerrigan - Aberdeen, Washington
12.#34 Gene Miller - Olympia, Washington
13. #8 Steve Bullpit - Port Orchard, Washington
14. #38 Josh Richardson - Washington
15. #46 Dan Kinnamann - Elma, Washington
16.# 4 Shane Rau - Shelton, Washington
17. #34 Jason Tole - Hoquiam, Washington
18. #86 Dave Howard - Washington
19. #41 Tim Phillips - Spanaway, Washington
20. #714 Zachary Fuller - Tacoma, Washington
21 #3 Cory Sweatman - Cosmopolis, Washington

**Correction: The Modifieds are the support class for the World of Outlaws on Saturday night September 2nd only. Zerbin will now be running at Grays Harbor Raceway on Sunday night September 3rd.