Wednesday, December 2nd

Location: Northern Provincial Pipelines – Edson, Alberta
Date: Wednesday, December 2nd
Attendance: 23 (plus members of the X-Treme Sprint Car Series)

Meeting start -7:44pm
Meeting end - 9:27pm

>NPP Series announcer Gord Craig opens meeting by welcoming everyone to the fall wrap-up.
>Gord talks about the 2009 season comparing it to the 2008 season.  2009 was a tough year for rainouts for the Series.  Just 11 race events completed.  A record 17 race events were completed in 2008.
>even with the rainouts the completed races in 2009 were some of the most competitive ever with drivers often running three and four wide.  There were 13 different heat race winners, 5 different Feature winners.  Only 3 of the races in 2009 were won from the pole.
>the NPP Late Model Series website continues to show an upward trend in visits.  Total visits to the website (January to December) will surpass 40,000.  (total visits in 2008 was 26,459)
>the NPP Late Model Series website will go through some minor tweaks during the off-season.
>Over 1 million people saw the NPP Series Logo in 2009.    
>The NPP Series Pace Car was in several car shows and parades in 2009.  The biggest parade was Capital X in downtown Edmonton with 260,000 spectators.  This parade was also broadcast on Live TV. 
>It was a tough year for sponsors.  Lots of interest in the Series but many potential sponsors cut their budgets due to the downturn in the economy.
>it is the10th anniversary of the Series in 2010.
>it is the 20th anniversary of Castrol Raceways Oval track in 2010.
>the NPP Series will run its 100th Castrol Raceway Feature event in 2010.  This race will take place in either July or August depending on scheduling.
>Car count was down in 2009 due to the depressed economy.  Average car count per race event in 2009 was 16.5. (20.3 in 2008)  Ironically the biggest car counts for the NPP Series came at the end of the season.  Two races had 19 teams show up to compete. 
>Gord indicates that we are running out of race tracks to run at in Alberta.  Rocky Mountain Raceway Park in Okotoks may not even open in 2010.  Doesn’t look like there will be any activity at Rapid Fire Motorsports Park in Drayton Valley in 2010. 
>all NPP Series drivers agree that the new Dinosaur Downs Speedway in Drumheller has huge potential however the track will not be put on the schedule in 2010. 
>Yellowhead Speedway in Hinton was briefly talked about. After years of inactivity, the track held a small invitational, test ‘n’ tune style event the end of September.  At this point in time the NPP Series will not be scheduling a race in Hinton.
>Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway will not be running any Oval events on long weekends in 2010.  This decision affects the NPP Series and the long running Oilmen’s race which has always been scheduled on a long weekend.  Castrol Raceway has offered Saturday and Sunday August 21st and 22nd for the 2010 Oilmens. 
>the Sportsman Sprint Cars have a similar problem with their biggest race of the year the
Xtreme Cup.  Castrol Raceway has offered Saturday and Sunday, August 21st and 22nd for the X-Treme Cup the same days as the Oilmens race.
>NPP Series drivers did not have a problem with the two racing Series running their big shows on the same weekend.  Many NPP drivers said the two Series would mutually benefit from each other.
>Sportsman Sprint Car Series officials in attendance at the meeting mention that both Series could run together at tracks other than Castrol Raceway in Edmonton.
>the Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series and the Sportsman Sprint Car Series (X-treme Sprints) agree in principal that they will work together in 2010.
>After a three consecutive seasons, the NPP Series will not be the support class to the World of Outlaws show.  Castrol Raceways up-start Wissota Late Model class will back up the World of Outlaws at the August 2010 event.  
>Bridge County Raceway in Lethbridge Alberta has already booked the NPP Series in for the May long weekend.  NPP Series drivers agree. 
>Central Alberta Raceways have tentatively reserved Saturday, June 12th for the NPP Series.  One more date could follow late in the summer.
> NPP Series drivers agree that there will not be any American race dates in 2010.   
> A two day show in Saskatchewan was discussed.  Xtreme Cup officials indicated they would possibly be interested in joining the NPP Series for a Saskatchewan road trip. 
> Several NPP Series drivers indicated that an independent race tech would be a good idea for the 2010 season.
>race format will stay the same in 2010 as will the point’s format and no major rule changes expected during the off season.