Wednesday, October 29th

Drivers in attendance: Ashley Broughton, Bruce Broughton, Ken Clark, Kevin Clark, Travis Day, Trevor Emond, Pat Fines, Paul Grundberg, Crystal Kennedy, Dwight Kennedy, Dan Snow, Mike Tom, Kevin Wheeler

Meeting start - 7:32PM

>NPP Series announcer Gord Craig welcomes everyone to the meeting.
>Gord mentions the ‘incident’ at Castrol Raceway on Season championship night between Dwight Kennedy and Mike Tom.  Gord says that Kennedy and Tom had a 27 minute closed door meeting before tonights meeting.  Both Tom and Kennedy had their say.  The meeting ended on a positive note with a handshake between the two drivers.
>$257,625 in prize money was awarded in 2008.  With 21 drivers that competed in the series this season it breaks down to an average of $12,268/driver.
>there were 9 different winners in 2008 (tying the current record of 9 set back in 2005)
>there were 16 difference heat winners this season in the 48 heat races run
>Bruce Broughton was the winner in the heat race department with 9 Heat victories. Despite running a limited season Jason Beaulieu had the most Feature wins with four.
>Season Champion Brian McCaughan won two Features in his rookie year….the last driver to win two races in his rookie season was Bruce Broughton in 2005.
>Gord talked about the NPP Series website.  Visits to the site are up 157% this season compared to last.  Since May 2007 the website has had over 50,000 page views and surpassed the million ‘hit’ mark in September.  
>KIDS Kottage donation by the NPP Series should be made by January. 
>NPP Series to look at promotional/giveaway items for the 2009 season. 
>All Weather Windows has already indicated they will be resigning as a major sponsor for the 2008 season adding we exceeded expectations once again this year.
>Talks with LUCAS Oil are in preliminary stages for next season.
>Travel Alberta came on as a smaller sponsor this season. Its hoped that they will become a major sponsor for 2009.  
>the introduction of the Pace Car has been a tremendous asset to the series. It has already travelled 40,000km's. 
>we will be running at the new Dinasoaur Downs Raceway in Drumheller next season. Other tracks we will be racing at include Bridge Country Raceway, Rocky Mountain Raceway Park and Central Alberta Raceways.
>Rapid Fire Motorsports Park is going to try to hold several races in 2009
>Drivers agreed to race at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma Washington if possible. 
>Drivers say NO if the possibility of racing in Fort McMurray became available in 2009. 
>Drivers talked about a lack of enforcement when it comes to over aggressiveness on the race track, which often lead to unnecessary contact.  New stricter rules regarding contact on the track will be drawn up and enforced. 
>talk of hiring a flag man for the Series to do the enforcing
>talk of hiring a race director for the Series
>tweaking the race format to possibly do an inversion of the front 3 rows for the Feature event was discussed. 
>discussion whether the NPP Series pull out of the Gold Cup Sprint Car (sponsorship of race event as well)
>2009 tentative schedule was talked about and some dates decided.  The NPP Series was not going to race at Castrol Raceway at all in May do to sketchy weather in the past.  Decided to take a chance and have season opener in Edmonton on May 2nd.  Oilmen’s Invitational is being moved from Canada Day long weekend to the August long weekend.   

Lucas Oil door prize draws were made.   

Meeting end - 9:42PM